Privacy Policy

By entering to bluecrumbs website, the visitor agrees to our privacy terms and policies. After the submission of his/her information to the website, the visitor accepts his/her information to be treated as per the given policy.

1. Scope of the Policy
The policy is valid for all the visitors to the website.

2. Information Covered by our Privacy Policy
  • Personal information which could be used to identify a specific visitor such as full name, contact, address, email address, birth date, or gender
  • Private and Confidential information of the user in terms of sexual orientation, passwords, biometric data, physical or mental health condition, payment instrument details such as credit card or debit card details, and other details that are stored under the lawful contract.

3. Purpose of Data Collection
The purposes for which bluecrumbs can use the information collected by the users are specified as:
  • To convey any interactive information to the users through their contact details in terms of any product or services
  • To process the applications or orders initiated by the user
  • To contact the user in terms of any requirement of the services or to seek the feedback from the user in terms of any service
  • To prevent any user from taking advantage of bluecrumbs features or personal information on the website
  • To understand the needs and requirements of the customers and develop the products as per their needs
  • To anticipate and resolve any issue related to the user’s query or complaints.

4. Information Processing and Storage Parameters
  • Bluecrumbs must only retain and store the user information as per the regulatory requirements as specified by the given policy.
  • Bluecrumbs should properly implement security and privacy standards to ensure the safety of the personal information shared by the users through the website.

5. Disclosure of Information
  • Bluecrumbs is not allowed to disclose the information shared by users for any other compliance as included in the given policy. Even in the case of such needs, bluecrumbs must take the consent of the users before disclosing the information. However, it may have the right to disclose the information in the following cases:
  • Where the data can be disclosed as per the regulatory compliances
  • In case of mandate requirement of information by the government agencies
  • Bluecrumbs can also share the user information to third-party business partners given that:
  • It must ensure that the information used by the third-party is legitimate and fair and is not used for any unethical purposes.
  • It must ensure that the third party has properly implemented security measures and compliances to maintain the security of the user’s information.


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